Kidd Vegas


Jefferson Harris aka Kidd Vegas

Kidd Vegas grew up as a casino rat. He was expelled from his pre-school for taking action on the Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots game his fellow classmates were playing. Then, he organized the first ever World Series of Go Fish, total payout was $15.

The Kidd was setting lines for the Reno Hilton Sportsbook at 14. It was during this time that casino pro John Avelo took him under his wing. He is permanently banned from 5 of the top casinos in Vegas due to his card arrangement strategy that cost them millions.

He single-handedly shut down dog-track wagering in Vegas due to a loop-hole he discovered and subsequently exploited. His application to headline the World Series of Poker was rejected once the other top players discovered he was playing and threatened to boycott is he was allowed to play.

The Kidd has varied interests. The top sommeliers in Vegas request his opinion on their wine list. He has more models on his speed dial than most have numbers. He lives fast and plays hard.

The Kidd met Nicky 2 Smokes while conducting a card counting seminar @ Squaw Valley Ski Resort a few years back. They have been close ever since. At the urging of friends, and especially Whitesnake front-man David Coverdale, Smokes and the Kidd decided to share their special brand of humor with the world.