Nicky 2 Smokes


Nicholas Ash aka Nicky 2 Smokes

Nicky was a child prodigy. Son of the prominent Ash family in North Carolina, Nicky very quickly made a name for himself with his disarming charm, quick wit and a flare for the dramatic.

It has been suggested that Dos Equis stole the idea for the “most interesting man in the world” from Nicky’s High School yearbook.

He has enjoyed wild success in business, in adventure, and in life!!! The moniker “2 Smokes” was given to him by one of the Sherpa’s that accompanied him on a summit of Everest.

Each night, after the day’s ascent, Trutallabo, his Mongolian sherpa, observed Nicky’s habit of enjoying two cigars following dinner and branded him “2 Smokes.” The name stuck, and he has been known as such to his friends ever since.

He is a connoisseur of fine wine, single malt scotch and premium cigars. In addition to traveling the world, Nicky has varied interests that include: politics, business, sports, music and art.

He met and finally married a gorgeous, exotic woman that has kept him on his toes. They spend their days searching out cool restaurants, spending time with friends and raising their children.

Nicky met his good friend, Jefferson Harris aka Kidd Vegas, on a ski trip to Squaw Valley a few years back. They immediately hit it off. “The Kidd” impressed him with his knowledge of gambling, the ponies and people.

They have regaled their friends with wild stories of their many escapades and entertained them with their acerbic wit. At the insistence of some within their inner circle, they decided to share some of their stories with the world through this blog.